Dominican Republic will host the World Symposium on ICT Training

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Republic will host, from 18 to 20, the World Symposium on Training in Information and Communication Technologies (ITU CBS Santo Domingo 2018), where “innovative approaches to teaching and learning” will be carried out. new technologies at the global level.

In the program, which will be developed in a hotel in Santo Domingo, will highlight the “role of universities and other academic institutions in the preparation of adequate workforce” that demands the new digital society, reported today the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (Indotel) in a statement.

In addition, technological perspectives such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics will be considered.

“The requirements of changing skills in a digital economy require a workforce with different skill sets than are demanded today in the labor field,” says the Development Office of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-D) that organizes the event next to the Indotel.

The organization argues that “higher education institutions, such as universities, need to adapt their teaching methodologies to produce graduates who meet these skill requirements.”

It also states that “universities must also respond to the digital citizen’s learning needs and take advantage of digital tools” for the teaching of new technologies.

The second planned panel will discuss “the changes that are taking place in the learning landscape as a result of the digital transformation and how academia, in particular universities, have responded and / or should respond to meet the demands of the digital age. ”

In this tenor, the Indotel said that the Dominican government approaches these debates with the completion of the Digital Republic program, whose axes related to technological education aims to “strengthen the teaching of science, information technology and communication (ICT) and languages ​​to be inserted in the knowledge society “.

It is cited as some notable challenges for countries such as the Dominican Republic, those related to connectivity, the small size of the market, the geographic disposition or the lack of access to submarine cables.


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