Nearly 400 citizens of Venezuela arrive daily from Santander from Cúcuta.

The situation in the capital of Santander is critical. Given the crisis in Bucaramanga due to the massive arrival of Venezuelan citizens, delegates from the United Nations, UN, visit the city on Monday to analyze the human rights situation of migrants.

Authorities estimate that about 400 citizens of Venezuela arrive daily from the city of Cúcuta.

“This will be a first approach after the clamor that we made some time ago where we asked for the presence of the international community that already has experience in these issues,” said Omar Ochoa, the city’s representative, who will meet with the representatives of the UN

According to the official, the expectation is that UNHCR, a United Nations organization for refugees, will be integrated into the process and can more effectively guarantee assistance to the migrant population of the neighboring country.

Ochoa has attracted the attention of the National Government for weeks given that the massive number of Venezuelans arriving in Bucaramanga has overwhelmed the capacities of the city and the department.

The situation is critical because this city has become a mandatory crossing point for those who leave Venezuela for other countries in the region and several cities in Colombia. According to estimates by the authorities of the Santander capital, around 400 Venezuelans arrive daily on foot from Cúcuta.

In recent days, migrants have settled in precarious conditions on the sidewalks of the Water Park, where residents of the sector, voluntarily, have served with food to Venezuelan citizens.

That is why the arrival of the UN delegates generates so many expectations among the inhabitants of this city and the Venezuelan citizens, many of whom will continue on their way to the south of the country, and the continent, although their course is uncertain because recently Peru announced that it will require a passport to enter this country. The same intention had been expressed by Ecuador, but finally the restriction did not prosper.


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