Church in Colombia offers food to Venezuelan walkers

Monsignor Víctor Manuel Ochoa Cadavid, helps Venezuelan migrants who walk by “Los Patios”, a town located north of Santander, in Colombia.

From this Wednesday, the monseñor began to distribute refreshments, at kilometer 2 on the road to Los Vados, to Venezuelans who walk from Cúcuta to Pereira, reviewed La Opinión de Cúcuta.

Victor, 21 years old and a native of Lara state, travels with eight of his friends and were the first to receive help from the church.

“I am very grateful. The road is long and just begins to that coffee town, but the hope of getting to work on a farm collecting coffee and guava encourages me to take each step with my suitcase on my shoulder and, of course, see how everyone helps us is impressive ” said Victor.

The Monsignor explained that there was a need to help Venezuelans trying to enter Colombia, which according to the Colombian authorities are between 1,000 and 1,500 daily.

“We saw the urgent need to serve the walkers. That is why we are helping generously from this small site that is next to the road and we will start distributing a snack for the road, so they can have what is necessary in this human drama they are living, “said the monseigneur.

The ecclesiastic has the support of 500 volunteers who distribute the food. “Venezuela welcomed our people in very difficult times, now we have to return to Venezuelans that great affection we have for them.”

With information from La Opinión


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