Number of Venezuelans in Colombia could reach millions in the next six months

Product of the acute crisis in which the Venezuelan Nation remains are Weighing the Economic Measures Taken by President Nicolás Maduro The Migrant Number Venezuelans that Have Arrived a Colombia Could Be Duplicated in the Next Months SIX And ​​Reach Thus Two Million People, According to reported the NGO International Rescue Committee (IRC).

This is only the Venezuelan Continent of Economy in the “free Fall As The Country’s Health System”, assures a Communiqué of the IRC in 1933 founded by Albert Einstein.

In this SENTIDO, explained the NGO I perform an evaluation The Last Two Weeks in which they analyzed the Needs Venezuelans located in Six Points of Colombia, which included places of transit in the points and that s’han settled. In the study they worked with Venezolanos 1200 in Barranquilla, Bogotá, Cali, Maicao, Medellín and the department of Putumayo.

The IRC director for Colombia, Marianne Menijvar, commented that “Every Day The Crisis in Venezuela Deepens Deeper” and the “Political and Economic Collapse” food and are generating that No. Medication are within the reach of hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans. Situation that the obligation of a People of a “take the desperate decision to Leave Apart Homes not flee to Colombia” detailed Menijvar.

“The six main needs of Venezuelans settled in Colombia – work, food, money to pay a rent, health, shelter and medicines – could be solved with full access to a salary and, to survive, Venezuelans are forced to take desperate measures to get money, “he said.

In this regard, he affirmed that children of Venezuelans who have arrived in Colombia are malnourished and mothers are unable to produce milk to feed them in the face of poor nutrition.

However, they clarify that when they arrive in Colombia, their life “is far from easy”, since they do not eat the quantity or the necessary times. Likewise, Menijvar asserts that “many people are forced to live in unhealthy and insecure conditions.”

32 percent of the women who managed to settle down say they feel “at risk” for the toilets they use. In addition, in the work groups with women they reported having suffered or witnessed sexual violence against them.

The women also claimed that they were subjected to a “high degree of physical and verbal harassment” and fear that their children, especially girls, will be “kidnapped.” The IRC also assured that the Colombian government has provided “extraordinary support to Venezuelans”, despite which many of them need urgent help.

With information from EFE.


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