UN Migration Pact opens door for Venezuelans

More than 150 States of the United Nations formally adopted the Global Compact for Safe, Ordered and Regular Migration during a two-day global conference in Marrakech, Morocco.

According to the UN, the Global Compact on Migration “is the first global agreement to help take advantage of the benefits of migration and protect undocumented immigrants.”

The text is not legally binding and respects the sovereignty of States to manage their borders and migration policies. The document recognizes that, in order to take advantage of the benefits of immigration and mitigate the risks and challenges it entails, collaboration between countries must be improved.

For Eloy Torres of the Venezuelan Council of International Relations (Covri) “the migratory pact is part of a dynamic by which the United Nations is moving to seek a solution to world problems. Today, Venezuela is practically occupying a space in this problem, having nearly four million Venezuelans going around the world, especially in Latin America, generating an inconvenience to all our neighboring countries. ”

Stresses that beyond thinking about how this document affects and / or favors Venezuelan migrants, “the important thing is that what is happening in the country is being pointed out and it is not something that can simply be hidden with a finger.”

Among the Latin American countries that did not join the Migration Pact are Brazil and Chile, two of the countries that have received large numbers of Venezuelans in recent years.

“This only shows that they are looking for an exit because they are feeling affected by so many migrant presence to their countries … Solidarity reaches a limit, because it is not only Venezuela but also Honduras and other countries such as Syria, where due to the nefarious internal policies that carry out, cause a massive flight of citizens, generating problems to other countries, “says Torres.

Colombia if it assumed the commitment, thinking that before a global phenomenon, the answer should be of equal magnitude.

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