Mike Pence calls the Venezuelans in protest this January 23 against the Maduro regime

The vice president of the United States, Mike Pence, sent a message of support to the Venezuelan opponents who will protest this Wednesday against the government of Nicolás Maduro. “We are with you and we remain with you until democracy restored sea”.

Pence posted a video on his Twitter account where he expresses, “in the name of President Donald Trump and the American people,” his support for the march that has been agreed by the National Assembly – which is in contempt and acts are null, according to the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) – “to start the steps of a transitional government”, according to deputy Juan Guaidó, who proclaimed himself “president in charge” of Venezuela.

“We stay with you until democracy restored and reclaims your birthright of Liberty,” wrote the US vice president.

“Maduro usurper”

In the clip, less than two minutes away, Pence affirms that “Maduro is a dictator without the right to power, I have never won the Presidency in a free and fair election”.

Washington cataloged the presidential elections of May 20, where the Venezuelan president was re-elected with 67.8% of the total vote, as “illegitimate” and “fraudulent”, so he did not accept the results of the elections.

“The last democratic instance” in the South American country and its “agreement” on the “usurpation” of the Presidency by Maduro, despite the fact that the Supreme Court ratified on Monday the “nullity” The “unconstitutionality” of the acts emanating of the board of directors of the Parliament.

This Wednesday, January 23, when 61 years of the fall of Marcos Pérez Jiménez’s dictatorship are over, both the government and the opposition have contributed to mobilizations in Caracas and other cities of the South American country.


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