Pence to Venezuelans in Miami: the time has come to end the dictatorship

The Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, spoke to Venezuelans in Miami about the commitment of the United States Government to freedom and democracy for the Venezuelan people. “We will not rest in our support for the Venezuelan people as they work to restore a constitutional government and hold free and transparent elections. The struggle in Venezuela is between dictatorship and democracy, and freedom has the impulse. Nicolás Maduro is a dictator with no legitimate right to power – and Nicolás Maduro must leave! “.

He stressed that under the leadership of President Donald Trump “the United States will continue to exert all the diplomatic and economic pressure to achieve a peaceful transition to democracy. But know that all options are on the table. Nicolás Maduro would do well not to prove the determination of the United States. “

He added that “the malign influence of Cuba is evident in Venezuela and Nicaragua, where the Daniel Ortega regime is oppressing the people and denying them their basic rights. Venezuela deserves to be free. Nicaragua deserves to be free. And in this the White House will always be emphatic, he said “may Cuba live free!”

He called on citizens to “make their voices heard tomorrow, all the good people of Venezuela – you are with the author of freedom, who said” do not be afraid, you will see the liberation that the Lord will bring you today, “because where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. “

Pence ended by saying, “this is not the time for dialogue. It’s time to act, and the time has come to end the dictatorship of mature! The National Assembly and Juan Guaidó have our full support because we recognize that the dictatorship of the mature truth is destroying Venezuela.


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