Clashes between protesters and the National Guard, this Saturday on the border with Colombia

The day designated by Juan Guaidó for the entry of humanitarian aid in Venezuela was marked by tension in the border towns with Colombia, where incidents have been recorded since the first hour of the morning, especially in Ureña, on the Venezuelan side. The clash of the demonstrators with the Bolivarian National Guard has followed the repression of the uniformed and armed groups, close to Chavez, who have used firearms. The clashes have also been concentrated on the border with Brazil, where four deaths have been reported, according to the deputy of the National Assembly.

After four members of the National Guard deserted on Saturday morning, the number of uniformed personnel that left their ranks has increased. The Colombian government has so far estimated 23. Guaidó has celebrated the decision of the troops. The president of the National Assembly recognizes himself in Colombia, from where he has announced that he will try to measure humanitarian aid in his country.

Guaidó crossed the border on Friday, challenging Nicolás Maduro, that act immediately ordered the partial closure of the limits, and the Supreme Court of Justice, which had prohibited him from leaving the country.


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