Mike Pence: “Maduro must go!”

The vice president of the United States, Mike Pence, warned Nicolás Maduro last Friday, that he should refrain from trying to establish, in turn, President Donald Trump and the purpose of Venezuela’s oil sector. They will be announced shortly.

“As Trump has said: in Venezuela, all options are on the table. Nicolás Maduro would do well not to test the determination of the United States of America. Mature must go! “Pence said through his social network Twitter.

He added that Trump is taking “measures against a vital source of wealth of the Maduro regime.” and that his government “will sanction 34 vessels owned or operating by PDVSA, as well as 2 additional companies that transport Venezuelan crude oil to Cuba.”

Mike Pence, in the UN Security Council, will meet this Wednesday, April 10, at the request of his country to discuss the worsening humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.

“Next Wednesday he will speak before the United Nations Security Council about the situation in Venezuela,” during a speech in Houston.

“The United States urged the world to reject the fall regime of Nicolás Maduro and help us end the humanitarian crisis,” the official said.

“The United States has called on all nations in this hemisphere and throughout the world to recognize Juan Guaidó as the sole legitimate president of Venezuela and put the freedom side in jeopardy,” concluded Pence.

The United States request

The United States requested the council meeting on Thursday, amid growing alarm over the impact of the worsening political situation and the Venezuelan economy on families and children.

Worrying data

An internal report by the UN recently revealed that 24% of Venezuelans (approximately 7 million people) require urgent humanitarian aid because they lack access to food and medicine.

According to UN calculations, 3.7 million people have malnutrition in the country, 3 times more than in the period 2010-2012, and at least 22% of children under 5 years of age suffer from chronic malnutrition.

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