David Ortiz received the shot in the abdomen

The Ex-Great League David Ortiz was shot and wounded in a fun center on Venezuela Avenue, in the Eastern Zone in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The shot was received in the left part of the abdomen and not in the leg as originally said his father, Leo Ortiz.

David Ortiz was at the Dial Bar And Lounge with producer and television presenter Jhoel López, who was also injured.

Ortiz receives attention at the Abel Gonzalez Clinic, of the Abraham Lincoln, in the National District.

David Ortiz in stable condition after being shot

Former Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz is in stable condition and is recovering after he was shot in a bar in the Dominican Republic on Sunday night, according to multiple reports. It was already operated by doctors Doctors Abel Gonzalez III and his son, of the same name.

A source who called for reservations of his name said the shot entered his back and exited through his abdomen, according to reports. He also said that Ortiz asked the doctors not to let him die, that he was a good person.

The famous player was in the company of the producer and television presenter Jhoel López, who was also injured, at the Fun Center Dial Bar And Lounge.

It is waiting for the medical body to render a report.

In the clinic several agents of the National Police are kept with long weapons. There are also family and friends. Press or private access is not allowed.

Statements by the wife of Jhoel López

The wife of Jhoel López, Liza Blanco, reported in the Abel González Clinic that both were out of danger, thank God. About her husband, she said that she was recovering and that the situation they had experienced had been very difficult. When questioned about the way in which the attack occurred, she said that Jhoel only remembers that they were on their backs and that on Monday the authorities will give more details.

He is the shooter captured a few minutes later.

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