United States Government will allocate funds to support Juan Guaidó

Donald Trump, president of the United States, will divert about 42 million dollars of development aid in Guatemala and Honduras in order to support Juan Guaidó, president in charge of Venezuela, in his expenses, including the payment of salaries.

A document obtained by the AFP indicates that the United States Agency for International Development, Usaid, referred to the political crisis in Venezuela as a significant event for the national interest of Washington, which requires that this item of 41.9 million dollars be redistributed.

Trump announced that he would cut aid to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, blaming the countries for not stopping the flow of migrants arriving in the United States. The USAID also indicated that 19.4 million dollars would be destined to support good governance in Venezuela.

These funds will cover interim government salaries and stipends, labor travel and other costs necessary to ensure the full development of a transparent financial management system and other activities necessary for a democratic transition.

The funds will also be allocated to non-governmental organizations in order to create content for the media and airtime to reach Venezuelan citizens, according to the document.

Another $ 2 million will go to support the diplomatic efforts of the Guaidó team in negotiations with Maduro, the document stipulates. Both sides are holding a dialogue in Barbados under the mediation of Norway, but these talks have made meager progress.

The USAID will also allocate 7.5 million dollars to support independent media with the purpose of providing Venezuelans with impartial news sources and information without filters, according to the memorandum.

The State Department did not issue a comment on the diversion of funds, which was initially reported by the Los Angeles Times. In fiscal year 2018, the United States allocated close to 149 million dollars for Guatemala and 112 million dollars for Honduras in order to alleviate the conditions that cause migration.

With information from El Nacional.


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