Senator Marco Rubio denies that Trump’s government has ruled out approval of TPS for Venezuelans

Republican Senator Marco Rubio clarified on Thursday that the Donald Trump government has not rejected the approval of a temporary protection status (TPS) for Venezuelans and clarified that “they simply said that they have not decided to do so at this time” .

Created in 1990 for humanitarian purposes, the TPS is a temporary migratory benefit granted by the government of the United States to foreigners who are in its territory and who, due to natural disasters or armed conflicts, can not return safely to their country of origin.

Rubio explained that Venezuelans who are in the US UU they should not be deported because the country does not currently have a relationship with the Maduro regime. “The reality is that we can not deport a Venezuelan who is in this country, because first we have no relationship with the Maduro regime and second there are no direct flights to Venezuela,” he said.

He explained that it is possible that an immigration agent who is not aware of the situation can request the arrest of a Venezuelan citizen; however, it will be released in a few weeks.

Rubio said he will continue working to grant the TPS to Venezuelans or even a work permit under that status. “That no Venezuelan who is in the country is going to be required to leave the country while Maduro and the regime is in power, and that status can even be given a work permit.”

With information from NTN24 Venezuela.


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