John McAfee returned to prisons after he was released in the Dominican Republic

Bitcoin proponent (BTC) and U.S. presidential candidate for 2020, John McAfee, returned to jail this week, just one day after his release in the Dominican Republic.

On the day of the photographs in his report on July 26, McAfee said he had been arrested a second time, but did not give details about the exact circumstances.

The businessman, his wife and his entourage were victims of the law when their ship docked in the Dominican Republic earlier this week. McAfee spent four days behind bars before leaving free.

On Twitter, he had promised his followers an update on their location and future plans, something that did not materialize.

“My second arrest in a week, I think it is a record,” he wrote after returning to jail.

He said the photographs were possible because the group had been against their mobile phones in the detention center.

McAfee campaign director Rob Benedicto Pacífico, Juan Maria Loggia-Ramírez, who posted the news on Twitter, the name of McAfee, the CNET newsletter, and said the presidential candidate is not under arrest, but was simply

Despite being sought by the US, McAfee plans to run for president on an anti-establishment platform and is accepting donations in Bitcoin for the campaign, which is on the ship and in the Dominican Republic.


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