Trump is considering imposing a “blockade or quarantine” in Venezuela to hasten Maduro’s exit

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, admitted on Thursday, August 1, that he considers imposing a “blockade or quarantine” on Venezuela, in the midst of a crisis that has caused the migration of more than 4 million citizens, according with information from the UN.

Trump declared on the subject when a journalist asked him at the White House about the support Nicolás Maduro receives from Russia, Beijing and Tehran.

“Are you considering a blockade or quarantine of Venezuela given the degree of involvement of Russia, China and Iran?” The reporter consulted.

And Trump replied: “Yes, I am.” “Yes, I am, yes,” he added, without giving further details.

The US president has hardened his strategy before the Maduro regime, which broke off relations with Washington on January 23 of this year after the White House reconfirmed Juan Guaidó acting president of Venezuela.

The most recent sanctions, which were known on July 25, affected three stepsons of Maduro and Colombian businessman Alex Saab, who would have led a corruption network around the CLAP food.

Two days ago, in addition, the United States Customs Immigration and Control Service (ICE) included Tareck El Aissami among the most wanted fugitives for their alleged links to drug trafficking.

With information from Infobae.


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