Crowded supermarkets and suspension of classes in Puerto Rico prior to Dorian’s passage

The Puerto Ricans woke up Tuesday at fuel stations, supermarkets and shopping centers where they went to stock up in the wake of the Dorian storm.

The island is still recovering from the onslaught of Hurricane Maria, so some anxiety was triggered in the population, which is reflected in the increase in demand for fuels, the Gasoline Retailers Association assured the population that there is enough fuel despite the fact that Some stations have run out of gasoline due to a sudden increase in demand, notes El Nuevo Día newspaper.

The Department of Consumer Affairs of Puerto Rico has also warned businesses that it will ensure compliance with the price freeze order issued by Governor Wanda Vázquez.

The University of Puerto Rico announced an academic and administrative recess starting Tuesday at noon so that the university community can prepare for the passage of the Dorian storm near the southwest of the island.

The statement was published on the Twitter account and it indicates that the break is effective until the emergency is over.

According to a statement from the United States Hurricane Center, the atmospheric phenomenon will be found 50 miles south of Puerto Rico by Wednesday afternoon.

With information from Diario Libre.


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