Venezuelans in the United States outside Trump-protected immigration restrictions

Some recent reports indicate that President Trump is considering the possibility of separating the Venezuelan community from the groups that are targeted by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE); However, some media consider that this measure could represent an early strategy to win supporters towards the 2020 presidential race among Venezuelans in the United States, specifically in Florida.

According to information provided by the site, for some months now the leaders of the various activist groups in favor of immigrants have repeatedly asked President Donald Trump to exempt Venezuelans from deportations, a measure that, they say, it will help you gain territory towards what your re-election campaign for the presidency of the United States would be.

Thus, the same portal indicates that the Trump administration has received such requests in a good way; Politico explains that at least six people, including senators, congressional assistants and government personnel, the authorities are seriously discussing the possibility of allowing Venezuelan immigrants to live and work within American territory without facing any kind of repercussion. .

A close friend of the Republican party in Florida, who maintains direct contact with President Trump, told about it: “It is a good political measure. I believe that it will be achieved. Sounds logical, in many ways. ”

In addition, he was precise when saying “If you are republican, you cannot win without Florida. And I think those who work in the campaign know this. ”

With information from Mundo Hispánico.


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