Donald Trump fired National Security advisor John Bolton

In two tweets, the president of the United States. The US, Donald Trump, reported that he asked John Bolton, United States National Security advisor, to resign.

“Last night he informed John Bolton that his services are no longer necessary in the White House. I did not agree with many of his suggestions, like others in the Administration, and therefore … «Trump wrote in the first tweet.

“I asked John for his resignation, that I confirmed it tomorrow. I thank John very much for his service. Next week I will appoint a new National Security advisor, ”the president said in a second tweet.

Trump’s tweets will arrive alone an hour after the White House information that Bolton will hold an information session with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in the White House meeting room later this Tuesday.

Bolton’s dismissal came after he was increasingly confronted with Pompeo and other administration officials and internally opposed several of the president’s foreign policy movements.

Initially, Bolton was hired because of his tough position on Iran, supporting Trump’s exit from the nuclear agreement with Iran, but soon began to clash with the president’s vision for diplomacy in North Korea and more recently in Afghanistan.

After the president’s tweets, Bolton tweeted that he had offered to resign «last night and President Trump said,» Let’s talk about this tomorrow. «

In very brief statements to journalists outside his office, Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said that “the tweet declared everything. He didn’t like many of his policies. They did not agree «.

Bolton reiterated the point that he offered to resign on Tuesday from Fox News.

Trump has had an unprecedented number of national security professionals, while they have developed multiple geopolitical crises.

The president had three national security advisors: Bolton, Michael Flynn and H.R. McMaster He summarily dismissed a secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, for a moment after having weakened his image for months.

Defense Secretary James Mattis has reportedly resigned, frustrated by Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria.

The president has also seen two National Security secretaries, John Kelly and Kirstjen Nielsen, and a director of the National Security Agency, Mike Rogers. He has lost a deputy national security adviser, K.T. McFarland, and a UN ambassador, Nikki Haley. The director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, and his deputy, Sue Gordon, left their posts last month.

Bolton’s departure occurs when tensions with Iran are improved in the Persian Gulf, North Korea continues its weapons capabilities, weapons control experts warn of a possible nuclear arms race with Russia and trade tensions with China are intensifies, while Trump is discussing a reduction of forces in Afghanistan.

White House press secretary Hogan Gidley told reporters that Charles Kupperman is the acting national security adviser.

“The policies and policies of John Bolton simply do not align with the president and any president in office has the right to put someone in that position that can carry out his agenda. That stopped being sustainable, so the president made a change, «Gidley reporters said.

He said «there was no problem» that led to Bolton’s dismissal, and referred journalists to the next briefing for more information.

However, Bolton’s expulsion was so sudden that the now former national security adviser, including a meeting of senior administration officials, known as a directors committee meeting, Tuesday morning before Trump’s tweet, he said A source to CNN.

The source said the meeting had agreed on the planned and there was no indication that Bolton’s dismissal was imminent.


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