María Gabriela Chávez would be outside the US UU. and without UN accreditation

María Gabriela Chávez, daughter of former President Hugo Chávez, would have been outside the US for seven months. UU. and without the accreditation as alternate ambassador of the UN, this according to information from Gustavo Marcano, Minister Counselor of the Venezuelan Embassy in the North American country.

Marcano said in an interview with VPI that “María Gabriela Chavez has 7 months without accreditation before the UN, so she would have that time outside the US. UU. ”

It should be remembered that it was in 2014 when the then minister Elías Jaua appointed Chávez as an alternate ambassador for the UN.

In her Instagram account, María Gabriela Chavez published a photograph this weekend in which she showed her sharing with artisans in the UNEARTE spaces, it would be clear that she is in Venezuela.

With information from NTN24


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