Former Bolivia president Evo Morales flees to Mexico as country descends into chaos

Former Bolivian president Evo Morales has flown to Mexico after fleeing his South American homeland which has descended into chaos following an allegedly rigged election.

Bolivia‘s first indigenous president came under Mexico’s protection after he departed Bolivia late on Monday on a Mexican Air Force jet, Mexico’s Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said.

Mr Ebrard wrote on Twitter: “The Mexican Air Force plane has already taken off with Evo Morales on board.

“According to current international conventions, it is under the protection of Mexico. Your life and integrity are safe.”

He added that Mexico would offer asylum as part of its long tradition of sheltering exiles.

Evo Morales, who governed for 14 years, said on Twitter he was thankful to Mexico but saddened to leave Bolivia for political reasons, following weeks of violent protests and unrest.

He tweeted: “Sisters and brothers, I leave for Mexico, grateful for the generosity of the government of that kindred people who gave us asylum to defend our lives.

“It hurts to leave the country for political reasons, but I will remain vigilant. Soon I will return with greater strength and energy.”

In a photo tweeted by Mr Ebrard, Mr Morales is seated alone on the jet with a downcast, unsmiling expression, displaying Mexico’s red, white and green flag across his lap.

Mr Morales’ government collapsed on Sunday after ruling party allies quit and the army urged him to step down, a tactic that Mexico’s government said it views as a “coup” because it broke with Bolivia’s constitutional order.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador praised the Bolivian president for the decision to resign rather than put the lives of Bolivians at risk.

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