As of December 16, Venezuelans will need a visa to enter the Dominican Republic

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mirex) informs that, from December 16, 2019, nationals of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela entering the Dominican Republic will be required an expedited visa through the corresponding consular missions.

The measure is contained in Resolution 006-2019, signed by Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas, which establishes the tourist visa requirement for Venezuelan citizens.

At the same time, exempt from this requirement, Venezuelans who are holders of diplomatic or official passports, and also those who possess a US visa; Schengen visa, Canadian or British.

As resolved, these people can enter the Dominican territory without a visa, with the payment of the tourist card and present their travel document, as long as their visit to the country has tourist fines.

Venezuelan nationals need to make their visa applications before the competent consular mission, presenting the requirements established by Mirex, according to the different categories, which are published on the official website of the Dominican Foreign Ministry, www.mirex.gob. do.

With informatión from www.mirex.gob. do.


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