Zozibini Tunzi, from South Africa, became the new Miss Universe

Like every year, Miss Universe becomes a topic of conversation, either for those lovers of the contest or for the detractors that appear every year to criticize the idea of ​​continuing to judge women for their beauty.

And it is that, these days, it has been the image of women in much of Latin America that has flooded the newspapers in a sense and opened a dialogue against the femicides and violence that hundreds of women live every day.

In spite of all that, the contest passed normally in the Tyler Perry Studios, in Atlanta, the United States. There, almost a hundred women represented the 90 countries to become the only Miss Universe, being the representative of South Africa Zozibini Tunzi, the undisputed winner of the already iconic television program.

There was Zozibini Tunzi in a close competition beyond beauty, because, for the first time, that famous standard of beauty was broken by an extraordinary African woman who among her priorities has to continue supporting the people of poor communities in that continent.

The event that today evaluates not only physical beauty but knowledge of the social, economic and political context of the world, leaned towards the sensitivity of the South African.

Sofía Aragón, the representative of the Aztec country, was also a favorite, since it was the charisma of the representative of Mexico that also made a whole country dream that hopes to celebrate something within the political problems that the country is going through.

Sofía Aragón Torres was also chosen among the best 10, then among the 5 finalists, to finally be in the Top 3 of the participants who are closer to the crown than anyone, to the disappointment of their countrymen.

On the other hand, Madison Anderson, of Puerto Rico, was in second place and may perform functions in case of missing Zozibini Tunzi.

Although social networks, which are the most suitable thermometer to measure the development of the program, mentioned that the important thing would have been that the crown was taken by the representative of Puerto Rico, given the null support that Donald Trump had given him to the countless damage that still presents the island after Hurricane Maria.

In fact, the now American president owned the rights to the program before launching his political career.

And so the night passed between the different moments of the iconic contest, with imposing typical costumes, curvy swimsuits and answers that try to face those criticisms that a woman can not be bright because of her physical condition being, for the most part, Latin participants who occupied the Spanish language as a cultural banner.

The crown that will adorn the reign of Zozibini Tunzi was made in agreement with the Mouawad jewelry company, a Swiss company that created the crown that they cataloged as Power Of Unity, which has a large 62.83 carat golden Canarian diamond and was located in The central part of the crown.

Now it only remains for the representative of South Africa to begin with her administration and take care of the responsibilities that an opinion leader has made with the support and affection of the public and that brings back the responsibility of being the most beautiful woman in the world, defending that beauty is not the most important thing in the world.

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