“Die America”: Thousands of people in Iraq ask for revenge against the US at the funeral of General Soleimani

Thousands of Iraqis, including high authorities in the country, called for revenge this Saturday in Baghdad, all at the funeral of the powerful general Qasim Soleimani, who died in the attack of an American drone.

“Die America” ​​the crowd shouted, both in the capital and in the Shiite holy cities of Kerbala and Najaf, where tribute was also paid to the head of the Iraqi Allied Iraqi militia, Abu Mehdi Al Muhandis, who died in the same attack.

Fearing possible reprisals, the US-led international anti-jihadist coalition reduced its operations and strengthened the security of its bases in Iraq, a US official said.

NATO also announced the suspension of training missions of Iraqi security forces fighting against the Islamic State, according to AFP.

The bold death of both military leaders represented an unprecedented escalation in the pulse that Washington and Tehran have maintained in the Middle East for decades, and the international community continued to call for calm.

China invited the United States to “not abuse force” and the Vatican asked to “reduce tension” in the region.

From AFP


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