#VIDEO | Hundreds hospitalized after the explosion in Beirut

Hundreds of people have been hospitalized across the Lebanese capital and many are feared dead after a massive explosion that shook Beirut, smashed glass and damaged buildings miles from the site.

Hospital emergency rooms are being flooded by the wounded, and the emergency section of a major hospital, the American University of Beirut Medical Center, is unable to receive more patients, in part due to explosion damage, according to state media.

The Lebanese Red Cross, health officials and politicians have asked people to donate blood to help the wounded at the hospital.

Images of the city show cars, ambulances, and military vehicles crammed with walking wounded and others who appeared not to be moving.

While officials have yet to announce an official death toll, several members of the emergency services and politicians speaking to local media have expressed concern that there may be a high death toll.

From CNN.

A strong # explosion occurred in the port of #Beirut, in # Lebanon, which would have left several wounded and heavy material damage.

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