Photograph of man with Dominican flag with LGBTI colors shake up social media in Dominican Republic

After the Deputy Minister of the Presidency, Dilia Leticia Jorge Mera, published on her Twitter account a photograph of her desk displaying two flags of the LGBTI community, social networks have been very active with comments in favor and against around the subject.

User reactions intensified even more this Friday, after a new image was circulated this Friday that shows a man holding in his hands the flag of the Dominican Republic, whose traditional composition of red and blue colors was replaced by those of the gay community . The photograph was reported to be from 2012.

Regarding the action, attorney Félix Portes expressed that he respects sexual preferences, however, he pointed out that national symbols must be respected.

“This is an irreverence according to article 24 of Law 210-19, to use colors other than those established by the Constitution, punishable by 30 days in prison and 5 salaries,” Portes wrote through his Twitter account.

Meanwhile, the Olympic medalist Gabriel Mercedes said that what happened to him, who has defended the country so much, is unacceptable.

“It is outrageous that they use the national symbols that men and women have shed so much blood for him. They should subdue whoever alters our flag. Everything can have their presence, I don’t care ”, said Mercedes.

On her side, a person identified as Vitaly Abreu published a comment on the aforementioned social network, stating “that this man must be imprisoned now, as disrespectful.”

“They should leave it with those beautiful colors”, an opinion

“Which one does more damage, he for using our flag like that, or the thieves who steal the millions that belong to the town?” Questioned user Hansen Ureña.

“They should leave it in those beautiful colors and wave it at half mast in all corners and public and private venues. Example: Palace, Congress, Supreme Court of Justice, Constitutional Court and Bar Association, “said Rafael Novas.

I respect sexual preferences. However, our national symbols must be respected. This is an irreverence according to art. 24 of Law 210-19 using colors other than those established by the Constitution, punishable by 30 days in prison and 5 salaries.

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