President Abinader on Venezuelans in the DR: “We are looking for a humanitarian solution”

The president of the Dominican Republic Luis Abinader said that the government is seeking a humanitarian solution to the situation of Venezuelan immigrants in the nation, since the South American nation has supported the country since the struggle for democracy.

Abinader said that the Dominican Republic “owes a lot to Venezuela” because “Venezuela received us at a time when we had 150,000 Dominicans working there,” he recalled.

“We are looking for a humanitarian solution to this issue, in addition, we owe a lot to Venezuela, in very difficult moments it received us … Therefore, we are very grateful to the Venezuelan people and we are going to act accordingly,” said the president. during the Free Dialogue.

He also reported that the National Migration Council was activated to deal with issues related to migrants.

He said that the aforementioned entity is directed by the Minister of the Interior and Police, Jesús-Chú- Vásquez.

From Diario Libre.


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