Hunger and despair in Venezuela

The plan outlined by the dictator Nicolás Maduro is bearing fruit: subdue the people through food. This has been possible due to the delay in taking decisions regarding the humanitarian intervention of the United Nations in Venezuela.

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The EU agrees to extend sanctions to Venezuela for electoral irregularities

Brussels will add more names to the list of regime members vetoed in Europe

The European Union is ready to act “quickly” to impose more sanctions on Venezuela after the elections without guarantees that were held on May 20. The foreign ministers of the 28 EU countries have taken the decision on Monday in response to the “lack of credibility” of the consultation, which recorded a record abstention and was held in the absence of the bulk of the opposition.

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Dominican Republic, concerned about the attempt to break multilateralism

Paris.- The Dominican Republic is not affected by US threats to apply protectionist measures, but is worried about its attacks on the multilateral system.

This is one of the main messages of the Dominican Economy Minister, Isidoro Santana, in an interview with Efe in Paris, where he participated in the tenth edition of the International Economic Forum on Latin America and the Caribbean.

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US accuses Maduro of committing “crimes against humanity” in Venezuela

Juan Cruz, President Donal Trump’s chief advisor to Latin America, warned that the United States plans to increase sanctions against the Government of Venezuela

Washington – The US accused Friday the government of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro of committing “crimes against humanity” by “starving his own people” as the “Pol Pot regime” in Cambodia did in the 1990s. 1970, and warned that Washington “has no limits” in its response and plans to increase its sanctions. Continue reading “US accuses Maduro of committing “crimes against humanity” in Venezuela”

Escaping Venezuela: They pour into Brazil by the thousands looking for work

Luis Baena shares a room with 127 other men.

During the day he looks for work or sings on the streets of downtown São Paulo for a few reais. When he sits down for a meal, he feels pangs of guilt, wondering whether his wife and children back in Venezuela even have food on the table. The last time he spoke with them, they were making do with cachapas, a corn pancake with beans, and eating once, maybe twice a day.

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