Updated: Missles Strike Poland


Since the story was initially published, it is now being reported that the missles likely originated in Ukraine and were launched by Ukrainians in effort to intercept incoming Russians Missles. This occurred during the largest missle barage so far during the Russia-Ukraine Conflict of 2022.

Firefighters in Poland reported two people died on Tuesday after a missle strike purported to have been launched by Russia.

It is reported that two missles struck in the Przewodow region of Poland. These are the first explosions on NATO soil, as the result of Russia weapons, since the latter began their invasion of Ukraine. This attack occurred concurrently along with a massive attack of more 100 missle struck across and shortly after Ukraine President Zelnisky addredd the G-20 Summit in Bali.

It is unknown what reprisals or retaliations maybe enacted because of this attack. The Defense Minsiter of Latvia, Atris Pabriks Tweeted, “criminal Russian regime fired missiles which target not only Ukrainian civilians but also landed on NATO territory in Poland. Latvia fully stands with Polish friends and condemns this crime.”

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