Tragedy on Isla La Tortuga


Last Friday in the morning, a Venezuelan family with the last name Chacón (father, mother and two children) along with 4 other people, left Higuerote bound for La Tortuga Island, on a trip that would unknowingly become a hell.

So far it is presumed that a mechanical failure caused the boat to wreck (sink), leaving 8 people at sea without being able to tell anyone what was happening. This route to La Tortuga is hostile and has strong waves and there is no telephone signal. Weather conditions may also have caused the wreck.

It wasn’t until Monday afternoon that family and friends realized their cars were still where they had been parked in Puerto Encantado. So they decide to alert the authorities who immediately began the search.

The inclement sun caused the dehydration and subsequent death of the children’s mother, identified as: Mariely Beatriz Chacón. Her body was recovered last Wednesday. Along with her were hers, two of her children and the family’s nanny (photo). The 3 of them are out of harm’s way, receiving medical attention. They have burns from sun exposure and severe dehydration.

There are still 4 people missing (3 men and a woman) who have not been found. Rescue authorities and marine firefighters are in search of him. However, there is little hope of finding them alive.

According to preliminary information, the mother was rescued from the sea still alive and she died within minutes of being rescued.

The image of the almost dead mother with her children on the raft is too harsh. She died hugging her children.

From El Potasio.

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