Trump suspends deportations of Venezuelans for 18 months


The outgoing president of the United States, Donald Trump, ordered this Tuesday to defer for 18 months and with some exceptions the deportations of Venezuelans present in that country from this Tuesday.

The president also ordered the Department of Homeland Security to take measures to authorize the employment of the beneficiaries of the measure during the established period.

“The autocratic government of Nicolás Maduro has consistently violated the sovereign freedoms that the Venezuelan people possess. Through force and fraud, the Maduro regime is responsible for the worst humanitarian crisis in the Western Hemisphere in recent history,” says the written, posted on the White House website.

The measure, taken on his last day in office, could benefit around 200,000 Venezuelans who, without it, would be at risk of being sent to their country of origin, according to information from the Miami Herald newspaper.

In the memo, Trump justified his decision based on the “deteriorating situation” in Venezuela, which “presents a continuing national security threat to the integrity and well-being of Americans.”

BBC Mundo.

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