Venezuelan Assasinated At Sea


Click here to download the video of the man being dumped overboard.

This video has viral on Social Media of a man bound with zip ties and weighted with chains being tossed off a boat along the coast of the Martinque. It is purported that the man appearing in the video is the Venezuelan Reinaldo Fuentes Campos also known in certain social circles as “Taliban”. He has been linked to drug trafficking between Venezuela and the Dominican Republic, a common transit point for drugs to the United States and Europe.

The journalist Ramón Tolentino, from Noticia Telemicro, has information indicating that the death of Reinaldo was because of cocaine bust of the Gulf Cartel.

Reinaldo was a master of using deceiption and disguise to evade authorities, often changing his appearance, and identity to slip in between the thousands of Venezuelans were shift back and fourth between the Venezuela and the Dominican Republic as their own country is in the throws of economic turmoil.

Fuentes Campos had personal ties in the Monseñor Nouel province of the Dominican Republic, specifically in Maimón, where he had a love affair with a well-known lawyer. The video is not conclusive evidence, nothing is conclusive until his body is found. Many commenters on social descibe how the man is relatively calm, perhaps he was not giving any trouble because he was protecting his loved ones in the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. Or perhaps this is just a hoax or a way for the man to fake his own death to escape the troubles his career has built up over time.

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