Short Term Rentals: Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic use to be an economical place to take a vacation, it was even less expensive than Florida. However that has changed, it has become outrageously expensive and I will tell you why. Currently, the Dominican Republic is in a real estate bubble. Everyone is in the real estate game now, because lets face it, that is the only way to make money in the DR, besides being a crooked politician or a narco. So these real estate agents and developers have convinced everyone in Santo Domingo and...

Sophistic Home Review

Th group Sophistic Home manages properties in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and when I say manage, I use that term loosely. I would never entrust my property to them. I've rented a property from them and they are rude, arrogant, to a long time to respond to normal request like how to gain access to the unit, and try to apply additional fees and are so very bad at this business. Though the advertise on platforms like booking.com, watch out because someone from Colombia will reach out to you.they will...

Weconnect Santo Domingo: Coworking Space Review?

A friend told me about the Weconnect office in Bluemall, it is a quick walk from the apartment which I am staying in to the mall, so after having lunch a Shibuya in the mall I decided to check out Weconnect. I tried to reach out to them via Whatsapp before I went to check out the location, but they are very slow to responds, so I just went to check it out sans the VIP access. Weconnect seems to be located on the 23rd floor of the business tower...
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