Weconnect Santo Domingo: Coworking Space Review?


A friend told me about the Weconnect office in Bluemall, it is a quick walk from the apartment which I am staying in to the mall, so after having lunch a Shibuya in the mall I decided to check out Weconnect. I tried to reach out to them via Whatsapp before I went to check out the location, but they are very slow to responds, so I just went to check it out sans the VIP access. Weconnect seems to be located on the 23rd floor of the business tower at Blue Mall and to get to the Weconnect Co-Working space, you need to go through this check-in procedure with the security desk. The security desk is a real shit show, no one speaks English (which I can handle), but the line was a really long and it was really chaotic, once at the security desk you need to turn over your ID (again a really bad idea) and then you are given a security pass. Once I dealt with the line at the security desk and got a pass, I went through the security gate and up to the 23rd floor. Once up there, I attempted to speak to the receptionist (again only Spanish is available), but unfortunately there were no options for a trial or free day no discount, just a straight up $25 entrance fee for wifi and free artesenial coffee. Perhaps that fee is okay, but did I mention it was after lunch, so I was only going to be there from 1-5:30PM, so I didn’t really find it worth the value, because I can have a lot of coffee in a cafe for $25, and Cafe Barista has pretty fast Wifi in addition you could just go down to the 4th Floor of the JW Marriot Hotel and hang out at Winstons Grill. I’ve reached out to Weconnect and have communicated with them on Whatsapp, but business must be very good over there, because they don’t really seem interested in entertaining new business. Weconnect=WeDon’tConnect

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