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Ukrainians in Las Terrenas Dominican Republic march against Russia after attacks on their country


Dozens of Ukrainian citizens march in Las Terrenas, Samaná, against Russia after the attacks perpetrated since dawn this Thursday in that country.

At least 57 Ukrainians were killed and 169 others wounded during the first day of the Russian attack on Ukraine, the country’s Ministry of Health reported.

“According to operational data, 57 Ukrainians died as a result of the Russian attack. Another 169 were wounded,” Health Minister Viktor Lyashko said in a statement, without specifying the number of civilians and soldiers who lost their lives.

The Ukrainian government has urged the population to donate blood and seek medical care outside hospitals if their health allows it.

Russia for its part has not yet reported the casualties suffered.

The Kremlin today launched a “special military operation” in Ukraine from all sides, east, north and south, and is already approaching the capital Kiev.

The Russian Armed Forces used high-precision weapons against military infrastructure, anti-aircraft batteries and military air bases, and although the Ministry of Defense assured that they did not attack cities or civilians, at least four citizens died today in an attack perpetrated by the artillery of the pro-Russian separatist militias attack a hospital in the Donetsk region, according to local authorities.

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