Colombian government denied entrance to the country to son of “Tuerto Andrade”


On Monday, the Colombian government denied the entry into the country of Enmanuel Alejandro Andrade Cedeño, a Venezuelan son of military Alejandro Andrade, former treasurer of Hugo Chavez and condemned by the United States for bribes and asset laundering.

According to information from Migración Colombia, Andrade Cedeño was not admitted and spent the night in national territory under surveillance by the Colombian authorities while he defined his departure from the country and left for the Dominican Republic at 7:30 in the morning.

Last March, the Duque government denied entry to the country to 10 people close to Nicolás Maduro, including a cousin of the head of the regime of the neighboring country. “They wanted to enter Colombia through the department of La Guajira, under the argument of wanting to spend a few days.”

According to US justice, Alejandro Andrade Cedeño (father) stole millions of dollars for his personal benefit and sentenced by the US justice to more than ten years in prison.

With information from NTN24.

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