Dominican Republic

The Minister of the Environment of the Dominican Republic is assassinated in his office


The Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources of the Dominican Republic, Orlando Jorge Mera, was assassinated on Monday after being shot by an individual who broke into the institution.

After the incident, the entity’s employees were evacuated and ambulances from the National Emergency System (911) arrived, as well as agents from the National Police.

In addition to Jorge Mera, another 6 people were injured.

Miguel Cruz is the person identified by the authorities as the one who ended the life of the official.

According to testimonies, Cruz arrived at Jorge Mera’s office as usual and a little upset asked to talk to him, to which he agreed and asked to be let in as he was “a good friend.”

After a few minutes, a heated discussion began and then several shots were heard from the place where the two were chatting. They were shots by Cruz at Jorge Mera.

Orlando Jorge Mera was appointed Minister of the Environment in August 2020 by President Luis Abinader.

After his appointment, he said that his mission was to work for proper environmental management and for compliance with the Constitution and laws, attached to transparency and public ethics.

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